Supetar, Brač

Supetar, Brač

Supetar is a small and peaceful Dalmatian place with a Mediterranean climate, which is characterized with mild winters and long hot summers. Supetar is the largest place on the island of Brač and at the same time the main cultural, touristic and economic center with 3 500 inhabitants, It is located on the north of the island of Brač, just 45 min of ferry ride from the town of Split. Also, it is located in the bay of St. Peter after whom the place got its name.
It is just for the excellent connectivity with the mainland that Supetar became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dalmatia.
Supetar abounds in natural beauty as well as cultural and historic heritage, Beautiful beaches, hidden coves and beautiful stone narrow streets provide a pleasant atmosphere and the Dalmatian lifestyle, In Supetar you can find wealthy gastronomic offer composed of a number of indigenous Mediterranean dishes, with an abundance of fish and seafood, as well as the top selection of wines and olive oil.
Once in Supetar, be sure to look for your accommodation in one of our apartments and we will gladly show you why Supetar is one of the most desirable Dalmatian tourist destinations.

Monuments of the island of Brač

Island of Brač has a rich history and cultural heritage.
In SUPETAR there is a Gallery of Ivan Rendić which is the memorial of the author’s artistic creativity and where various cultural events are often held. One of his masterpieces Zvonik na Crkvi (the Bell Tower of the Church) we can see in LOŽIŠĆE. Furthermore, in SUPETAR there is a sacral collection of the St. Peter parish from the period of 16th and 17th century which contains an early Christian mosaics, history books, sarcophagi and other valuable collection of objects.
Further, it is interesting to visit the Franciscan Monastery and Crkva Sv. Martina (the Church of St. Martin) in SUMARTIN. Near POSTIRA there are the Lovrečina cave and the Mirje cave where the remains of an early 6th century Christian basilica are contained. As well, in POSTIRA there is the Church of St. John the Baptist and its bell tower which is mentioned in Vladimir Nazor’s story “Tales of Childhood”.
Furthermore, in NEREŽIŠĆA there is a treasure trove of valuable art works in Crkva Gospe od Karmela (the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel). The School of Stone Carving in PUČIŠĆA is one of few schools of this type in the world. Near DONJI HUMAC there is Špilja Kopačina (the Cave Kopačina) which is the place of residence of man on the island of more than 30 000 years.
Moreover, works of the worldwide known sculptor Ivan Meštrović, Crkva Krista Kralja (the Church of Christ the King) and Kip Srca Isusova (the statue of the Sacred Heart) are located in SELCE. Muzej Otoka Brača (the Museum of the island of Brač) is located in ŠKRIP, the oldest settlement in the island of Brač. Zmajeva špilja (the Dragon’s cave) is a 9th century hermitage in the rock, located above the village MURVICE. In BLACE (near BOL ) there is Pustinja Blaca (the Desert Blaca) which is the hermitage from the 16th century. The highest peak on the Croatian islands is Vidova gora (the Vidova Mountain, 778 m) where you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views of the Croatian islands.

Monuments of the island of Brač


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